Recently on Twitter, Ben Askren sparked an exchange with Michael Bisping that led to some name calling and questioning of each other in terms of overall skill.

Askren, who works with Bisping’s next opponent, Alan Belcher, made sure to let “The Count” know that he will be in trouble next month when he steps inside the Octagon.

And Bisping, as you might expect, had some comments to make concerning Askren’s hair, his promotion (Bellator) and other subject matters.

During a recent interview with, the current Bellator welterweight champion was asked about the feud.

I’m not too worried about it. I’m pretty secure in my skill set and I know how good I am. So when he goes (to questioning my talents) it doesn’t even bother me.

Askren did offer some praise for Bisping, saying he “actually has pretty decent wrestling defense. He’s kind of annoying to hold down.”

As you might expect, Askren picked “The Talent” to finish off Bisping standing.

With both Belcher and Bisping coming off defeats, a second consecutive loss could spell doom for that fighter in hopes of competing for the UFC middleweight title in the near future.

Askren’s next fight is currently unscheduled, though he knows the opponent, as Andrey Koreshkov claimed a future title shot by winning a recent Bellator tournament.