Rick Story knows what it feels like to be on the cusp of competing for UFC gold.

Jake Ellenberger is currently in that position following a win over Nate Marquardt, and Story is upset about it.

See, Story has a reason, as he defeated Ellenberger face in 2008 before either fighter reached the UFC. Now, whether that is of importance five years later doesn’t seem to matter to “The Horror,” as he recently posted his call out on Facebook.

I want to fight Jake Ellenberger! It pisses me off that he’s getting all of the accolades when I already beat him. It’s annoying that people keep making the excuse for Jake “well that was earlier in your guy’s career”.
OK, even back then he had 3 times the amount of fights that I had.

Also, let’s look at more recent times, he got Ko’d by Martin Kampmann in the 2nd round where as I went the distance with Kampmann with 1 leg.

The bottom line is I want to be in the position he is in right now and if I have to beat his ass again to get there…… Then Let’s do it!

Ellenberger appears to be poised for a potential title shot or a No. 1 contender match, while Story has rebounded from two straight losses to go 2-1 in his last three.

That’s not really a “dream” match up for the UFC, as the welterweight division remains full of top contenders right now.