UFC vice president of regulatory affairs Marc Ratner appeared before the Nevada Athletic Commission earlier this week to discuss the use of marijuana by MMA fighters.

While Ratner would obviously like to see the drug not come up in pre- or post-fight testing, he doesn’t agree with the current stance the commission has against the use of it.

Society is changing. It’s a different world now than when I was on the commission. States are legalizing marijuana, and it’s becoming more and more of a problem with fighters testing positive.

Ratner is a former NAC executive director. He was speaking out against the fact that using marijuana carries a harsher crime than some performance enhancing drugs.

Right now, I just cannot believe that a performance-enhancing drug and marijuana can be treated the same. It just doesn’t make sense to the world anymore, and it’s something that I think has to be brought up.

Thanks to MMAjunkie.com for the quotes from the hearing.

Fighters such as Nick Diaz and more recently, Alex Caceres, have been given harsh suspensions for using marijuana.