When Cain Velasquez unleashed his first round assault on Junior dos Santos last year, the reigning UFC heavyweight champion had no idea what happened.

Dos Santos survived the round, but lost the battle, dropping his title to Velasquez.

Now, both will return to action this May at UFC 160, as Velasquez defends his belt against Antonio Silva, while “Cigano” takes on Mark Hunt.

During a recent promotional tour to hype the card, dos Santos talked about the Velasquez match (thanks to MMAWeekly.com for the quotes). It was the first Octagon defeat for the Brazilian.

When I watched the fight, I didn’t know I was out in the first round. I don’t remember that punch,” he said when referring to a Velasquez right that sent him to the canvas. “When I watched the fight and saw that punch, (I realized) everything changed after that. It was almost like automatic reactions after that – just defending myself. I think I learned a lot from that fight. I always try to see the positive in everything. I was fighting (hard) and I think I’m pretty tough doing that (lasting five rounds), even if I got beat.

It’s hard to question the heart of dos Santos, as he battled through 20-plus minutes of Velasquez beating down on him. Against Hunt, he should be able to impose his will more to his style, though he will have to watch out for the knockout power of the “Super Samoan.”