Melvin Guillard believed he would be welcomed back to Jackson’s MMA in New Mexico with open arms. He felt that way so much so that he posted it on Twitter.

However, when a group of fighters voted against Guillard’s return, he was forced to find a new training home. Now, as he prepares for Mac Danzig later this year in a match that could be for a future in the UFC, “The Young Assassin” isn’t taking any heat with the leader of his old gym, Greg Jackson.

“I don’t want to get into who voted to take me back and who didn’t. I did get to talk to coach Greg personally after the fact and he told me, ‘Look, right now we have some guys against it and it’s just not a good time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come back [eventually].’ Greg left it up to the team and I understand that,'” said Guillard, in an interview with ESPN.

Charges of assault were also brought up recently concerning Guillard, who stated they stem from a 2010 incident where “a general manager and five security guards” attacked him. He added that a group of fans helped get the guards off him and he “never touched anybody.”

Guillard fell as far and fast as Dan Hardy after Hardy’s loss to Georges St-Pierre. However, with his exciting nature and knockout ability, he could get right back on track quickly.