Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has been involved in some wars inside the Octagon, competing against the elite big men in the sport.

Later this month, Mir will return to action against Daniel Cormier, welcoming the ex-Olympian to the UFC at UFC on FOX 7.

While both fighters have had plenty to say about one another in recent months, “DC” does seem to have a strong level of respect for Mir.

“I think there are only a select few individuals who can take the beatings Frank can take and continue to be the way he is,” said Cormier, during a recent conference call.

Mir has called out Cormier for his lack of finishes and quality of opponents in the past, but there is no denying the sudden rise of the heavyweight.

While Mir has the experience and previous championship resume, Cormier is of the new-age heavyweight and will give him everything he can handle.