Four fighters at bantamweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight will compete for Bellator MMA “Summer Series” titles later this year.

“We are always striving to enhance every aspect of the Bellator formula for our fighters and fans,” Bellator CEO and Chairman Bjorn Rebney said. “Our champions consistently defending their titles against world class challengers who’ve earned their title shots creates a win/win for those two crucial groups. Three stacked four-man tournaments over our ‘Summer Series’ on Spike is another great step in our growth and evolution”

Bellator has started to use events during the summer to put together more contenders to titles, making sure to keep the belts active. The series, which generated strong numbers through the first quarter of 2013 after moving to Spike TV, airs on Thursday nights.

The heavyweight division of Bellator is weak, so it will be interesting to see if they bring in any new blood to compete in the tournament.