UFC executive Tom Wright stated that states, provinces and countries that want to host MMA events need to have regulations put in place.

A death in Michigan at an amateur MMA event – in which the sport is not regulated when it comes to amateur fights – sparked Wright’s stance during a recent press conference.

What we don’t know is whether or not there were any pre-existing medical conditions that (the fighter) was suffering from. In a regulated environment, we would have known that. We also don’t know if the referees were properly trained. We don’t know whether or not there were the appropriate EMTs and ambulances and medical precautions in place. We don’t even know if it was a fair fight. Those are kinds of things we would know if the sport had been regulated, if the event had been regulated. It speaks to the importance of regulation in our sport. In the case of an unregulated event, you don’t know whether those things are in place.

Felix Pablo Elochukwu, a 35-year-old Canadian, died following a fight in Michigan recently. More tests are being conducted to determine the exact cause of his passing.