The Ultimate Fighter Season 17 Finale will air tonight at 9pm/6pm from The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada.

In the main event, Urijah Faber will face longtime friend Scott Jorgensen

The co-main event will unveil the 17th season’s Ultimate Fighter as Urijah Hall and Kelvin Gastelum duke it out.

Cat Zingano and Miesha Tate plan to figure out who is the next challenger to Ronda Rousey’s title.

Second, we’ll see heavyweights Travis Browne and Gabe Gonzaga showdown.

The nights first fight pits TUF17 contestants Bubba McDaniel and Gilbert Smith against each other.

Bubba McDaniel vs. Gilbert Smith:

Round 1:

The fight starts with Bubba McDaniel clinching up with Gilbert Smith. McDaniel lands a solid combo that hurts Smith, but Smith pulls a take down and recovers. While on the bottom, McDaniel stays very active, as he attempts a triangle, but it goes nowhere. Smith throws some leather from the top. McDaniel scoots to the cage wall in an attempt to stand, and he lands some elbows to soften his foe. McDaniel works an guillotine, but Smith escapes. The escape cost Smith his top position, and McDaniel ends the round on top. MMAConvert Score: 10-9 McDaniel

Round 2:

The second kicks off with Smith attempting and failing to get a take down. Smith lands a great right-left combo pushing McDaniel back into the cage. The two stall as Smith is reversed, and now McDaniel is holding Smith against the cage and unloading some knees. The two break. McDaniel sprawls, and Smith locks in a guillotine, but McDaniel pops his head out, and moves to half guard. McDaniel takes Smith’s back and begins to drop some shots. He moves back to half guard. Smith smoothly stands up, and the two separate. The rounds ends with McDaniel landing a combo. MMAConvert Score: 10-9 McDaniel

Round 3:

McDaniel starts with a good left. McDaniel takes the fight to the ground, and he lands in half guard. McDaniel briefly moved to a crucifix, but Smith was able to buck him off, and he goes back to half guard. McDaniel pops out and takes Smith’s back where he sinks in both under hooks. Smith’s defense is impeccable, but he has no offense of his own. Smith reverses McDaniel, and then McDaniel pops his legs out and sinks in a flawless triangle, and he taps out his opponent.

B. McDaniel def. G. Smith via submission (triangle choke) at 2:49 of round 3.

Travis Browne vs. Gabe Gonzaga:

Round 1:

Gabe Gonzaga immediately shoots for a take down, but he doesn’t get it. Gonzaga then walks Travis Browne into the cage where he grabs a leg and tries for a take down, but he doesn’t get this one either. Wow! Out of nowhere, Travis Browne smashes Gonzaga with a few elbows, and Gonzaga is out.

T. Browne def. G. Gonzaga via KO at 1:11 of round 1.

Miesha Tate vs. Cat Zingano:

Round 1:

The second ever UFC women’s fight kicks off with Miesha Tate walking right out in the cage and slamming Cat Zingano to the mat. Zingano is able to regain her feet almost immediately though. Tate walks her into the cage, and Zingano sinks is a standing guillotine, and it’s looking bad for Tate. Tate has got to be close to going out, and she escapes. Wow, that has to be close. The two exchange some shots against the cage, and this pace is crazy. Zingano gets on top where she attacks Tate. Tate forces some space between them, and she somersaults to her feet. Tate gets on top and begins to call down her wrath. She drops a few elbows, and she cuts Zingano open, as the horn sounds. MMAConvert Sore: 10-9 Zingano

Round 2:

Miesha starts the second with a flying knee, but Zingano gets out of the way. Tate gets back on top and stays in half guard. Tate is straining to get to full mount, and she does it. Zingano gets trapped in an arm bar, but she gets out. Now, Tate gets back on top where she’s really over powering Cat. Tate is in side control, and Zingano is on top following a reversal, and Tate locks in a heel hook and holds it, but Zingano appears to be out of danger. Cat’s on top, and she’s turning on the heat now. They stand up, and Tate sprawls to avoid a take down, as the round concludes. MMAConvert Score: 10-9 Tate

Round 3:

Zingano comes out early, and she takes Tate down. Zingano is in half guard, and she almost got into mount, but Tate rolled to her knees. Zingano begins to really lay down some hurt, as she has now busted Tate’s nose open. Zingano throws some left hooks from her knees, and at least a dozen land. Tate stands up, and Zingano drops her with a knee. After a few more lefts Tate gets back to her feet and another knee/elbow combo drops Tate, and red-head woman ref stops it (what could have been just a hair early).

C. Zingano def. M. Tate via TKO at 2:55 of round 3.

Urijah Hall vs. Kelvin Gastelum:

Round 1:

The action starts with Kelvin Gastelum taking control of the cage, and he lands a good high punch. They clinch up, and Urijah Hall has his back to the cage. Gastelman throws a looping right, as they break, but it misses. Back in the center of the cage, they exchange a strike or two each, but no significant damage is dealt. Gastelum lands a good shot and rocks Hall, and now Gastelum has secured a take down. From half guard, Gastelum smothers Hall, as he tries to move to mount. Hall is able to bounce his foe back to full guard, but Gastelum allows him to stand again. They retake the center of The Octagon, and Hall shoots for a take down. He gets the points for it, but the round is over. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Gastelum.

Round 2:

Gastelum starts it off with a missed high kick. Hall hangs his hands low and flings out a body kick which lands flush. Gastelum scores another take down, and he moves out to half guard. He again begins to smother Hall with his body, hands, and forearms. Half way through the round, and Hall pulls off a stellar reversal and moves Gastelum into the cage. Hall sprawls to avoid Gastelum’s take downs. Hall backs off, and then me moves in and trips Gastelum, and now Hall is on top.  Hall remains somewhat dormant on the top. Gastelum gets his feet under him and stands up. Hall suplexes Gastelum to the mat where the fight ends. MMAConvert Score: 10-9 Hall

Round 3:

Hall starts off with an immediate low knee. They touch gloves and resume fighting. Hall with some kicks. Hall is again dropping his hands and mixing high and low kicks effectively. Hall is really starting to show his superior striking, but Gastelum grabs and takes Hall down, but bam, Hall reverses again and does some damage from the top via strikes. Gastelum has a small cut, but it’s nothing too bad yet. Hall with another high kick. With under two minutes, it looks like Gastelum is becoming justifiably desperate. Gastelum goes all out, and shoots for a hard take down. He gets it, and he’s trying to finish the round strong. From the top, Gastelum is throwing everything he has into the last few seconds of the fight. Hall rolls to top position, but the horn stops the fight. That was a razor close round. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Hall

K. Gastelum def. U. Hall via decision (split) (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Urijah Faber vs. Scott Jorgensen:

Round 1:

After they touch gloves, Faber goes right for a take down. Jorgensen is able to defend, but now Faber has him against the cage. Jorgensen trips Faber for the fight’s first take down. Faber stands right back up. Faber gets on top of Jorgensen, and now he’s on Jorgensen’s back. They stand up again. Faber lands a hard knee right on Scott’s sternum, and it hurts him. Faber takes his back where he sinks in a body triangle. The two flail around rolling on the ground, and Faber locks in a guillotine, and Scott escapes. Despite Scott shaking off the choke, Faber is still glued to his back. Round 1 is in the books. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Faber.

Round 2:

Round number two starts with a low blow coming from Faber. Scott takes some time to recover, and they resume. Faber throws and misses some strikes, and Scott follows suit. Faber comes forward with a left knee, and Scott gets moved back. Faber now stands with his hands down and taunts. Jorgensen shoots and misses. So far, the fight is lacking power punches from both fighters. Neither guy will fully engage on their feet, and now Faber is on top. Scott throws out a kimura, but he doesn’t finish it. Scott lands a decent head shot, but he doesn’t follow up with it. Faber now has Scott against the cage where he’s laying on him. Jorgensen spins off the fence, and then Faber does the same. Jorgensen ends the round with a left. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Faber

Round 3:

Faber comes out with a big right hand that glances off Jorgensen’s head. Scott throws his lead jab a few times. Jorgensen is finally landing, but he’s not putting combos together. Faber with a high kick that misses. Jorgensen lands a good right uppercut, but again, he doesn’t follow up on his strikes. Faber’s back is now against the cage. Jorgensen lands his biggest punch of the fight in the form of a right hook, and it moves Faber back. Scott finally gets a combo, as he Thai clinches Faber. Jorgensen looks to finally be finding his rhythm, as the round closes. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Jorgensen

Round 4:

We start the bonus rounds. Faber starts with some kicks. Faber tattoos Scott’s chin with a mean right hook. Jorgensen lands a soft uppercut. Faber uses a spinning back kick to push Jorgensen into the cage wall, but Scott side-steps his way out. Faber grabs another take down for himself where he ends the fight with a rear naked choke.

U. Faber def. S. Jorgensen via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:16 of round 4.