UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub will face Roberto Abreu this June in a jiu-jitsu match. The event was for Metamoris 2 earlier this week.

Schaub’s opponent is a four-time no-gi world champion. It will air on pay-per-view from Los Angeles.

“My jiu-jitsu super match is at a catch-weight of 230,” Schaub posted on Twitter. “Diet starts in 3..2..1 let’s do this! I’m 253 pounds right now ;)”

Shinya Aoki, the current ONE FC lightweight champion, faces 2011 Mundials runner-up Kron Gracie in the main event.

Others expected to compete include Braulio Estima, Michelle Nicolini, Andre Galvao and Ryan Hall.

“Jiu Jitsu tournaments have devolved, especially at the elite level, to a game based on who can score points with a sweep or dominant position in the last few seconds of a match to win,” said Ralek Gracie, founder of Meatomoris in a press release. “I founded Metamoris to create a tournament where submissions are the only goal, not points. With the introduction of judges, we will avoid draws. Someone in a fight is always sharper. And now, the fighter who controls the bout with technique, the fighter who shows more varied and frequent submission acquisition, will get his hand raised.”