UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was pretty fired up last year when Chael Sonnen started attacking him verbally.

Now, after spending a season as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter vs. Sonnen, it appears “Bones” has a little more respect for his contender.

That, though, doesn’t mean he plans on taking it easy on him inside the Octagon this Saturday night at UFC 159.

“My emotions aren’t overly involved,” said Jones, during a recent conference call. “I studied Chael a lot: interviews, his personality, he is being himself and I am comfortable with him.

“It is just another situation. When I get in the fight, I never fight over-aggressive. I fight calm, relaxed; that’s what it will be no matter what happens before the fight.”

This weekend, Jones can also etch his name into the UFC history books, as a win would tie him with Tito Ortiz for the most successful defenses of the 205-pound belt. He was very honest when asked about what this fight means, knowing it ties Ortiz.

Jones also talked about the future, stating that “first, my goal is tying Tito Ortiz. Then, establishing that record for most wins. My next fight, maybe in November, and after that fight, entertaining super-fights and heavyweight fights.”

Pressed further, he only remarked that what he said was what he meant and that was that.

If you were able to see only one of these two matches, which would it be: Jones vs. Anderson Silva or Jones vs. Cain Velasquez?