Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Cung Le held a Q&A session last week with fight fans and was asked his thoughts about a possible future meeting with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

While some may laugh at the notion of the 40-year-old Le becoming a top contender, he has strong market appeal overseas and is a former Strikeforce champion.

So, what did he have to say in regards to meeting the fighter many consider the Michael Jordan of MMA?

I’m sure afterwards I’d probably go to the hospital, get some stitches. But for me, maybe he kicks my ass nine out of 10 times, but that one time – you never known because it’s MMA and anything can happen.

Silva’s camp previously stated that Le could be his next opponent before “The Spider” was booked for a summer match with Chris Weidman. The movie star added that “I think that would be a very fun fight, only only for myself, but for the fans.”

Is there any interest at all for Silva-Le from the general MMA fans out there? Maybe Le followers believe he would have a chance, but does he? Even in this crazy sport we all love?