As far as UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is concerned, Alexander Gustafsson has made a mistake.

Gustafsson, who released a video similar to the often-copied “Harlem Shake,” used the song to call for out “Bones.”

And, while Jones has his focus set on Chael Sonnen this evening at UFC 159, he would like nothing more than to face “The Mauler” next.

“That’s somebody I want to fight,” said Jones, in an interview with “I don’t call people out. He called me out first. He’s a guy who has respect. He’s a new guy to fight.”

Gustafsson appears to be behind Lyoto Machida in the pecking order, as the Swede was recently forced out of a match with Gegard Mousasi due to a cut.

I feel a Jones-Gustafsson battle has a lot more to offer than Jones-Machida II, as seeing the champion against another youngster with an exceptional reach and strong wrestling would make for a great main event.