UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is a known workout-warrior, so it is of no surprise that he feels MMA should do away with rounds.

St-Pierre, while appearing last week on The Joe Rogan Experience, explained how he feels the sport he dominates should operate.

Rounds are a bad idea. There’s a lot of things I would change in the sport. First of all, the time, there’s no time, no rounds. I believe it’s stupid. Want to see who is the best man? Let them fight; 15 minutes or maybe 25 minutes for the championship, but no rounds.

St-Pierre believes MMA should try to be different than boxing, adding, “We’re not boxers. They did rounds to be like boxing, to be accepted as a sport.”

The Canadian, who has been criticized for his lack of recent finishes in title fights, feels a one-round system would “be more honest” and lead to more finishes.

Why I don’t totally disagree with GSP, the addition of so many shows on television makes this argument pointless. There’s no way all of that commercial time is going to be given up by executives.