Chael Sonnen, just days removed from a loss to Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title, returned to his co-hosting duties on “UFC Tonight” alongside Kenny Florian.

Sonnen made several interesting remarks during the show. The former contender to both the middleweight and 205-pound belts discussed his loss to Jones, how he would have reacted had the fight been stopped due to Jones’ injury, and who he wants next.

This was like getting into a bear cage. This guy was a monster of a man. We weighed in at the same size the day before, and I don’t know how that was possible. I put my arms around him and I thought, ‘oh my god, you’re a big guy.’ As far as the match went, I got beat up.

During the first round, Jones suffered a dislocated big toe. Neither champion or challenger realized it during the course of action, and Jones was awarded the TKO victory with just seconds left in the round.

However, had the fight reached the intermission, it likely would have been stopped due to the injury. Would Sonnen have been fine earning the belt via injury default? You better believe it.

Diplomatically you don’t ever want to win that way. The ones that hurt are the ones you’re supposed to win and then you blow it. But if it was given to me, I would have grabbed that belt, I would have held it up, grabbed the mic and told the crowd the golden rule is ‘he with the gold rules,’ and I would have walked out of the place and never looked back.

As for his future, Sonnen plans to remain in the fighting business, and wants to settle things with long-time rival Wanderlei Silva. Both now fight – again – in the same division, so a bout could be in store down the road.

Wanderlei called me out before, but the fight never made sense. Now it does. I’m not going anywhere until me and Wanderlei straighten this thing out once and for all. Wanderlei pulled a dirt bag move on me one time. He said something to me that I couldn’t hear, and then put it on YouTube with subtitles because he knew I couldn’t understand it and called me out. If you’re a fighter, that doesn’t fly. You must respond to him, and I’m ready to respond to you Wanderlei.