Leonard Garcia appears to be taking his UFC release in stride, as he talked about his future during a recent interview with MMA Sentinel.

Garcia has already made one change, joining his cousin Duane Ludwig in California at Team Alpha Male. He previously worked with Greg Jackson in New Mexico.

This had to happen for me to make some type of change. Of course, I’ve got my cousin, Duane Ludwig, out there with Team Alpha Male, and he’s been texting me like crazy. He’s like, ‘Hey man, the problem is that guys can take you down and hold you down. I’ve got a room full of people that can take you down and hold you down. You need to get up here and do what you’ve got to do to get back to the UFC.’ Greg (Jackson) agreed. He said, ‘Yeah, let’s send you out there for a little while and see how that fits. Maybe do half your camp up there and half your camp down here, and we’ll figure it out.’

As for where he fights next, Garcia said that with the issues between the UFC and Bellator MMA, that isn’t a realistic option. He is hoping to work quickly back to the Octagon.

The organizations that seem to be the right ones for me are Legacy, WSOF or ONE FC; something that won’t try to bind me into a long contract. I want to go omewhere that will give me a couple fights and then see what happens.

Do you think Garcia will be a quick return for the UFC? They gave him plenty of chances, and seemed to embrace his willingness to stand and trade.