News is coming out that Nick Diaz is creating a new fight promotion based out of Stockton, California called War Mixed Martial Arts. This begs one very prominent question: Why is a guy who hates promoting fights starting a business to promote fights? It’s not like Diaz is particularly business savvy, though he has always understood the fight game better than most. I think those sorts of street smarts can serve him well as a fight promoter.

Nick Diaz can definitely be a useful tool for a fight promotion. With Nick Diaz you always had to worry about  whether or not Diaz could pass his drug tests. In a role as a promoter he can smoke all the weed he wants and it won’t matter. If he wants to smoke every day of the week, he can do that and there will still be fights.

Diaz is also a huge star in the Stockton area which will help the promotion draw local fans based on Diaz alone. Then, if they put on good fights, they will start coming for the fights. People will be intrigued by the promotion simply because Diaz’s name is on it.

Since Diaz has stated that he apparently doesn’t pay taxes, being a promoter provides him a nice revenue stream aside from working as Jiu-Jitsu coach or trainer with the Cesar Gracie camp. It would be foolish to think that Diaz will be handling the real, day to day activities of a fight promotion. But, as long as he can get someone who can work behind the scenes to make sure that all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted, then Diaz can be an asset to the promotion. Much like Ray Sefo, he can serve as a celebrity mouthpiece that gives credibility to a young promotion.

Photo Credit- Kelvin Kuo – USA Today Sports