UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is brought of his Mexican heritage, as he proudly displays it on his chest.

Velasquez, who will likely face former champion Junior dos Santos later this year, is hoping to have his next title defense in the south – the deep south to be exact.

“I’d like to see the fight in Texas or maybe Mexico,” said Velasquez, of a third encounter with dos Santos.

“Cigano” defeated Mark Hunt Saturday night just prior to Velasquez finishing Antonio Silva. The two each hold a win over the other, including a decision for Velasquez late in 2012.

“I think he fought a good fight (dos Santos vs. Hunt),” the champion said. “It makes sense to fight him next.”

UFC president Dana White agreed, saying that it is a “no brainer” that the two meet up, adding, “I’d love to see the fight in Mexico. We have a lot of options that we’re looking at.”