Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans doesn’t know what it feels like to lose three straight fights.

When he steps inside the Octagon against fellow former world champion Dan Henderson, Evans will be fighting to keep from experiencing that feeling.

The two collide in the new main event of UFC 161 later this month in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

For Evans, a gifted former wrestler from Michigan State University who won the title of Ultimate Fighter, this is a perfect match to get back on track towards another shot at the belt he once wore.

“I know what I need to do to get the results that I want to get,” Evans said, during the pre-fight interview with UFC. “Takedown, ground-and-pound, and roll up our sleeves, get dirty and go to work. I’m gonna try like 50 takedowns this fight. Fifty.”

Evans, though, knows that Henderson is just as strong on the ground, as “Hendo” is a former Olympic grappler. Of course, he is also the man behind the “H-Bomb,” which has finished several opponents like Fedor Emelianenko and Michael Bisping.

“Let’s not confuse this whole situation, now. I’m not gonna stand in front of him and try to bang it out, hope to God I don’t get hit with that big right hand. I’m gonna be smart. He’s gonna wanna knock me out. Its not gonna happen. He’s not knocking me out,” Evans said. “Dan’s right hand is very dangerous. I mean he just knocks them out like HARD. Like he just knocks em the hell out and they sleep for a long time.”