Chris Weidman continues to replay his upcoming UFC middleweight title fight with Anderson Silva inside his mind.

The two will square off in July at UFC 162, and “The All-American” knows he is the decided underdog.

While appearing on The MMA Hour recently, Weidman discussed how he sees the bout going down.

“I just visualize it going every possible way. I see it a million different ways. I prepare myself mentally to visualize terrible things happening and fighting through it. Persevering. Front kicking me in my face like Vitor Belfort, but I get my wits back faster than him and I’m right back up,” he said. “Then he kicks me again and I’m down again. Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, this kid sucks,’ but next thing you know I’m on top ground-and-pounding him and winning the world title.”

Weidman defeated Mark Munoz last year and remains unbeaten in his MMA career. Silva, of course, is the longest-reigning champion in the UFC and has won 16 straight.