Phil Davis believes Dan Henderson has the experience – and power – to send Rashad Evans to his third consecutive loss.

However, despite being a long-time “Hendo” fan, Davis still believes it will be Evans that has his hand raised this Saturday night at UFC 161 in Winnipeg.

“I am a big-time ‘Hendo’ fan,” said Davis, in a recent interview with Rick Lee of RMSports. “You can’t count him out of any fight; no fight in the world. Rashad, though, is so darn good at positioning, sticking to a game plan and being a smart fighter. That is his M.O.; he fights smart fights.

“I’m gonna have to go with Rashad.”

Davis, who will return to action later this year against Lyoto Machida, previously dropped a decision to Evans. Still, he pointed to a signature Henderson win in regards to keeping hope alive that he can pull out the win.

“A lot of people did not think Henderson would beat Fedor (Emelianenko),” Davis said. “I thought Hendo had that fight. I was right, but this fight is a little bit more tricky.”