The mixed martial arts bout between Pat “HD” Barry and Shawn “The Savage” Jordan – slated for UFC 161 in Winnipeg, Canada this Saturday – should prove to be exciting and educational, being that both of these heavyweight warriors are completely opposite one another in style and background. In fact, other than the fact that they both lost to Cheick Kongo, the only striking similarity between the two is that they both attended Louisiana State University. While HD is a self-titled pure striker with very limited grappling ability, the Savage is a bully-style fighter who likes to use his size, heavy hands, and strength to punish his opponents both on the ground and while standing up.

Barry only started training for fighting at the age of 23, but since then has placed second at the World Wushu Championships, won the United and World Heavyweight championships in the Sanda Kung Fu Federation, the Open Sanshou Championship, and was the Kings of Kickboxing tournament champion. He also won “fight of the night” and “knockout of the night” twice each while fighting for the UFC.

Jordan on the other hand has fought in both Bellator and Strikeforce, was a fullback for the LSU football team, and wrestled in high school. While the Savage has more MMA experience, Barry has an incredible kickboxing résumé, and is known for the awesome power of his leg-kicks. Many of HD’s opponents have fallen to the crippling power of his kicks, and have given up fights from not being able to stand on their legs anymore.

Though his kicks are world class, HD’s grappling game leaves a lot to be desired, and in his last 11 fights has only attempted two takedowns, which were both unsuccessful. He tries to not let fights get to that point, and defends 80% of the takedowns attempted against him. Since most of his fights stay standing, he has landed 185 out of 355 attempted strikes, leaving him with a 52% success rate. Of those 185 strikes, 163 of them were from standing, so that gives you an idea of how he likes to play his game. He also has the advantage over the Savage in defense, with Barry defending 61% of strikes against him and Jordan only 44%. Barry is one of the fastest and most technical heavyweights I have ever seen, and is incredibly agile while Jordan is a lot stronger and slower. With a college football background, good takedowns, and solid ground andpound, Jordan is definitely going to try and put Barry on his back whenever he can during this fight.

This fight will probably end in the first or second round, and can go either one of two ways. If the skirmish stays standing up, then Barry will most likely knock Jordan out after whittling down his legs and draining his stamina. However, if Jordan can manage to take Barry down, HD is going to be in major trouble. He only started really working on his grappling game after his humiliating loss to Tim Hague in 2009, who guillotined Barry after being knocked around for most of the fight. The Savage could definitely win by either submission or TKO if this fight ends up being a grappling match.  It will certainly be interesting to see which of these styles will prevail in the battle to find out who is the toughest fighter to ever come out of Louisiana State.


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