Jake Ellenberger will be an interested observer this Saturday night when Dan Henderson and Rashad Evans collide in the main event of UFC 161.

As a fellow former wrestler, Ellenberger believes one key area could determine this match – which pits fellow grapplers against one another.

“I think whoever can control the transitions is going to win the fight,” said Ellenberger, in a recent interview with Rick Lee of RMSports.

Ellenberger did admit that he has close ties with Henderson, having trained with him and stayed with him, adding, “I am a big fan of both these guys.”

As for breaking down the bout a little more in-depth, he said “Rashad is a little bit quicker, more athletic, but Dan Henderson is a guy that you can put with any fight and I could never bet against him. His mentality alone is a scary thing.”

Ellenberger (29-6) will put his two-fight win streak on the line next month vs. Rory MacDonald.