When Ryan Jimmo walks into the Octagon, he does so looking like a chiseled 205-pound machine.

However, in between competing and preparing for fights, Jimmo likes to enjoy his food.

The Canadian will face Igor Pokrajac this Saturday night at UFC 161 on the pay-per-view main card. After injuries, the bout was moved up from the prelims.

In a recent interview with UFC.com, Jimmo discussed his weight. While he has no trouble making 205 pounds, he said that on average, he walks around at “235, but I’ve been as heavy as 247 pounds.”

“I’ll start making healthier choices for the first two or three weeks. After that, I start keeping track of how many cheat meals I’m eating each week and lowering that number—from seven to five to three and so on,” said Jimmo, on his off-season eating habits. “Then about six weeks before a fight, I start to count calories and create a lot of little paradigm shifts in my diet, which includes gradually reducing how many calories I’m eating. In that final week, I’ll only eat between 1,500 to 2,000 a day, depending on what my energy needs are each day.”

As for which foods cause him the biggest problems, Jimmo said “I go through all these phases where I may like pizza for a while or ice cream, but McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin is a constant when I want to eat something bad.”