Despite back-to-back defeats, Dan Henderson isn’t planning on retiring from MMA anytime soon.

Henderson, who was topped by Rashad Evans Saturday night at UFC 161, believes at 42 years old he still has what it takes to fight in the best promotion in the world.

“Absolutely,” said Henderson, when asked if he will fight again. “I’m just a little more pissed off now than before. More pissed at myself than anyone else.”

Henderson was extremely outspoken after his decision loss to Lyoto Machida earlier this year, as he felt he did more than enough to win. “Hendo” credited Evans with winning the fight in Winnipeg.

“He stood there and fought me,” he said. “He didn’t run away. It was a close fight. I thought I won. He kept the pressure on in the third round and never let me get a little breather. He did a great job fighting.”