Georges St. Pierre made headlines a while back, by not only predicting that Chris Weidman would become the first man in UFC history to defeat middleweight king Anderson Silva, but that the undefeated fighter would finish him. Some critics dismissed the call because GSP has trained with Weidman (although one could argue that actually makes him more informed on the subject), or that the welterweight champ said so, as a means to deflect talk of a “super fight” with Silva.

Well, during the media call this week to promote next week’s title fight between Silva and Weidman, the reigning champ was asked to comment on St. Pierre’s bold prediction. The 38 year-old responded by saying (quote via

“Imagine if I were to start listening to everything that people say,” Silva said through his translator. “St. Pierre had his chance to pronounce himself about fighting me, and he didn’t do it. That’s what he chose to say, and that’s fine, but I’m not paying attention to what everyone else is saying.”

It’s interesting that Silva took the opportunity to point out that GSP has distanced himself from a super fight happening soon, if he wasn’t somewhat irked by the prediction, But,who knows. Maybe “The Spider” truly  cares less about GSP’s opinion, or several other fighters who apparently are going with Weidman.  When asked about the age difference between his 38 year-old self and the 29 year-old emerging star, Silva noted:

“Every new fight is a new challenge, and it will be up to whoever is better prepared and who feels better that night. Win or lose, a loss and a win are always walking side by side. That doesn’t really matter, because I’ve been doing this since I was eight years old, and there are always new challenges. My biggest concern is going out there and doing better for myself. I’m not concerned about what my opponents do. I want to better myself.”

It’s always an interesting time when “The Spider” is booked to fight.

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