I want to hit him in the face. I want to knock him out, because then he’ll train for that. That way I have his attention — his best performance — that’s what I want. I want the best Georges St. Pierre there can be, and that’s my only concern, that he doesn’t overlook me. He’s faced a lot of tough guys, but nobody like me, because I’ve faced the exact same guys and I’ve won just like he has…I know exactly what Georges is, he’s a jab, takedown guy and he’s gonna lay on top of you as long as he can. He’s gonna try to control the clock and get me as tired as he can as quickly as possible. That’s Georges.

Number one contender in the welterweight division, Johny Hendricks, is vocal about his opponent’s biggest asset going into their 170-pound showdown on November 16, 2013 in an interview with AXS TV Fights. The fight will be for GSP’s ninth-straight title defense, and his first one outside of his home country of Canada in three years. Hendricks has been open about his desire to stop the reigning champion in his tracks, but can his left hand do the trick against such a well rounded, athletic fighter like St. Pierre?