One would think Tim Kennedy has plenty to think about heading into UFC 162 this weekend, as not only will it mark his UFC debut, but he was to worry about facing one of the planet’s best jiu-jitsu competitors in middleweight Roger Gracie. Then, of course, there’s also the little matter of the recent comments he made recently–perhaps you heard–where Kennedy blasted how much fighter’s earn before offering a quick apology.

Well, according to Kennedy’s trainer, the renowned Greg Jackson, the recent incident that captured headlines won’t be a distraction for the decorated soldier come fight night. While appearing on Radio Network recently, Jackson stated:

“You can’t distract Tim. With that kind of drama, this and that — that guy’s used to actual drama, like people trying to shoot him. Somebody saying something and him having to do something like that is not a big deal to Tim Kennedy. I don’t know if you’ve met that guy, but nothing’s going to shake that dude.”

That’s a good point, and Kennedy certainly will need to focus on the task at hand, as plenty of people clearly expect the well rounded fighter to be cut from the UFC if he comes up short against Gracie. The betting lines currently have Kennedy as a slight favorite to win on July 6th.

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