Chris Weidman has been compared to Chael Sonnen numerous times.

In fact, Sonnen himself has stated there are plenty of similar traits.

Weidman, though, wants to do what Sonnen couldn’t – twice – when he takes on Anderson Silva Saturday night for the UFC middleweight title: capture the belt. The two collide at UFC 162, and “The All-American” believes he knows what he needs to do different than Sonnen.

“When Chael got on top, he was really stressed out,” Weidman said. “When I get on top, that’s my world. I go out and do my thing. I’m not trying to be Chael Sonnen. I’m trying to be Chris Weidman and I think that is a tougher challenge for (Silva).”

Many have said they believe Weidman is the one to unseat Silva, including Sonnen. The former college wrestler feels his stamina will also be up to par, despite this being his first five-round UFC fight.

“I don’t go out there and try not to get tired,” he said. “I work hard every single day. If I am working hard, the other guy is working hard; he is going to break before me.”