For a headliner, which just a few months ago didn’t have a ton of buzz behind it,  it looks as though UFC 162 and its main event between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman is going to do just fine in pay-per-view buys.That’s according to UFC President Dana White, however, although by the time the fight went down Saturday, it certainly did seem like lots of people were pretty excited about the fight.

The card drew 12, 399 people in attendance as well as a $4.862 million at the gate according to preliminary figures, to make it one of the highest grossing MMA cards to be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

When asked about the PPV buy rate after Saturday’s card, White said it was “trending at 800,000” buys. If that ends up being the case, only UFC 158 in March has done better so far in 2013. That card, which featured Georges St. Pierre defeating Nick Diaz by unanimous decision, pulled just below an estimated 1,000,000 buys..

As a report from MMA relays, a card featuring Silva in the headliner has only drawn 800,000 buys or more twice before.  When the former champ fought Forrest Griffin in 2010 (which also featured BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian) and when Silva rematched Chael Sonnen in July, 2012.

Not only do the numbers show that Silva has become a significant PPV draw, as there was a time when he wasn’t considered to be so, but it also shows people are interested in Weidman. After all, UFC 162 marked the first time Weidman had fought since last summer when he took out Mark Munoz, and the “All American” was far from a main stream figure until he was booked to fight Silva.

We may not ever know what the final PPV figures are for UFC 162, but even if it only pulls 650-700,000 buys, the UFC will be more than thrilled with that result. Now the question is, how many buys would (or will) Silva-Weidman II bring in? Anything less than a million would be likely be a surprise.

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