Referee Herb Dean has been inside the Octagon several times when Anderson Silva is competing.

However, what he saw this past weekend at UFC 162 surprised even him a little.

Silva was “pretending” to be hurt by a Chris Weidman punch when the challenge landed another, flooring “The Spider” and rendering him unconscious for a brief moment. Weidman earned the victory and became the new champion.

“You put two well-trained guys who are trying to take each other’s will away, anything can happen,” said Dean, while appearing on Radio Monday. “But the way it happened, to get caught in the middle of his antics, I think that was a little bit surprising.”

Dean said that Silva’s antics caused him to be unsure of his actual state at the time of the knockout.

“It was almost a replay of the pantomime that he had done,” he said. “I saw him go down, but to be honest, I wasn’t sure. I’m going to respond and get in close to get a better look. Once I got in there and got a better look, he was unconscious to me.”