Anderson Silva has thrilled fans in the past by taunting fighters to hit him, and there’s no doubt the tactic has messed with previous opponents , but even his manager Ed Soares thinks the legendary fighter may have gone overboard at UFC 162.

While speaking on the MMA Hour Monday, Soares was of course asked to comment on Silva’s actions, which included calling Weidman on, dangling his hands below his waist, and also pretending to be wobbled by a punch, a second before he was actually floored by a punch. Soares stated:

“I think he went out there and was taunting him and doing certain things Anderson does once in awhile. There’s a possibility he may have taken it too far this time. And unfortunately he wasn’t able to walk away with the W.”

Although the comment from Soares is far from harsh, it is interesting to hear, considering Silva chalked up the loss to a failed “game plan” rather than getting carried away. Soares also argued, however, that Silva’s dangerous approach to fighting is why he is become of the sport’s biggest names ever. And as far as the conspiracy theories that have been thrown out there?

“People have all these conspiracy theories. It’s stupid. It’s nonsense. Yeah … I plan to get knocked out. C’mon. Who plans to get knocked out like that? If he was planning to do that that, why wouldn’t he just have tapped to the leglock? C’mon. I’m going to plan to get knocked out? That’s ridiculous. Anderson doesn’t like to lose, he just got knocked out. Take nothing away from Chris Weidman. ‘Oh, that was a lucky shot.’ Well, you know what? 100 percent of the punches you don’t throw, don’t land. He threw a punch and it landed.”

No arguments here. In terms of a Silva-Weidman II, which every MMA fan and their dog are likely hoping for, Soares said they’re not thinking about that right now. The manager added that the former champ needs to spend time with his family and friends, before they determine what’s next.