Anderson Silva and the ‘strategy’ he employed has predictably come under fire from fans, pundits and fighters alike, who believe the legendary fighter’s taunting was reckless and out of line at UFC 162 Saturday night. Of course, if he had won, things would be a lot different, but even Silva’s manager Ed Soares has conceded the fighter probably took it “too far.”

Another critic who’s emerged is Renzo Gracie, who despite the fact he helped develop Chris Weidman into the middleweight champion, believes the undefeated middleweight may have been in trouble when Silva kicked the showboating into high gear. While speaking to the Brazilian outlet (quotes via Mixed Martial, the renowned jiu-jitsu instructor stated:

“This kid [Weidman] is very dangerous, he was always very dangerous. Every time he fights, he wins. Early in the bout, when Chris was in control, he did everything he wanted, but couldn’t win, so Anderson gained great confidence. He thought it would be a walk in the park and then he began to play. And the boy [Weidman] really was fading, he was tired because he did everything (pushing the pace) during the first round. He had side control, he was attacking… and when Anderson saw him fading, he thought: “Now I’m gonna give a show”. The problem is that this sport is not the place for that. In this sport you have to win.

“I’m sure the people who were in his corner said: “Go out there and win”, but he decided to do what was on his mind, he was joking, shaking … And if you notice, this kid has a very big star (luck). Whenever he is in trouble, he manages to win. When he attacked, Anderson lost his balance when he was mocking him, and had no way to defend himself. And then he got caught with a punch to the chin. And when that happens there’s no way out, you go to sleep, your brain turns off.”

Gracie proceeded to note that Silva is a “great champion” and that all “has to do is put his head in the right place and remember when he was a kid who was working hard in order to get where he is now.”

Of course, the big question is, does getting back on track involve a rematch with Weidman? Here’s hoping it does. Can anyone really picture Silva fighting in the UFC again without gunning for a belt? This was his first loss since 2006.

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