Some saw Anderson Silva’s loss to Chris Weidman coming, calling for the young prospect to end “The Spider” long run atop the division.

However, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is a little different than Silva.

At just 25 years old, Jones has already captured a UFC title and defended it five times. He will attempt to make history in September when he faces Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165.

Silva’s defeat also served a purpose for “Bones,” who explained during a recent pre-fight press conference.

“It motivates me a lot (seeing Silva fall). That is somebody I look up to,” he said. “It is also a reality check. I try to keep my ego in ch eck when it comes to the fight game. Watching Anderson lose like that, that is something I would never do: put my hands down.

“Watching Chris Weidman’s dream come true makes me want to continue to be a dream crusher; it motivates me.”

Jones has already defeated several former UFC champions, but will be facing his youngest challenger in Gustafsson. He added that being the man isn’t “a burden.”

“I haven’t done as much as a lot of great champions. (Georges St-Pierre) has won more titles than me; Anderson Silva has so many records I don’t have. I feel I have no right to be complacent.”