Miesha Tate will attempt to take the UFC female bantamweight title off Ronda Rousey this December when the two meet up at UFC 168.

While Tate and Rousey do not share any compassion for one another, they do have several common things.

Both are former Strikeforce champions – Rousey submitted Tate to win the title – and they both made history by becoming the first female coaches on The Ultimate Fighter. The series debuts in September on FOX Sports 1.

Tate also recently joined Rousey by posing nude for the ESPN: The Body Issue. Here’s what Tate had to say in the issue concerning her “Mind, Body and Motivation.”

Mind: “Anything negative, mean or hurtful, I guarantee I’ve heard it. People say, ‘It was awesome to see you get your ass kicked’ or ‘You should quit.’ People can be very cruel, especially when they feel they don’t have to be accountable. That part of the job is extremely difficult. I’ve really had to dig deep and not let people ruin something I love so much.

Body: “I absolutely love jiu-jitsu. I get to choke people out and practice all my cool submission holds. It’s like playing a physical game of chess; you’re always trying to bait someone into a hold, and it’s never-ending. Every day I can learn something new.

Motivation: “I wrestled with boys in high school. My first day, I had never wrestled in my life and they put me in there with the best guys. I was getting thrown all over the place. They smoked me so bad. Afterward, I felt embarrassed, but I thought, ‘Well, it can’t get any worse, so from here on out I know that every day I come back, I’m going to get better.’ That was motivating to me; I love the challenge.”