While plenty of people were looking forward to see TJ Grant take on Benson Henderson at UFC 164, and for good reason, there’s no question that Henderson-Pettis II is a fascinating bout due to a couple of reasons. Of course, there’s the fact their 2010 bout was ridiculously entertaining, and both men have gone on to become big stars in the UFC. Case in point, the lightweight champ Henderson has won seven straight fights in the Octagon, and Pettis has finished accomplished vets like Donald Cerrone and Joe Lauzon.

So, if you were blown away by Henderson-Pettis I at WEC 53, think how technical and entertaining the rematch could be, considering the improvements each man has made in their games since. In regards to their evolution as fighter, Pettis noted on The MMA Hour Monday:

“[Henderson is] a whole new fighter, a way different fighter than he was in the WEC days. But I am, too. It’s not like I’m the same Anthony Pettis you fought in Arizona. This is a totally different Anthony Pettis. It’s funny because my last two fights, the world only got to see me perform for like two minutes, so no one really knows how much I’ve evolved as a fighter. I’m excited to get out there and show what I’ve been working on.”

“I always knew this fight was going to happen. I’ve been thinking about this guy for two years now, so I go through this gameplan all the time — how I’m going to fight him, how I’m going to beat him.”

It’s definitely an all-star match-up that a lot of folks have been dying to see. Pettis also assured fans and observers that he’s “always in shape”, and that because he was preparing for Jose Aldo, he’s had more than enough time for a camp.

UFC 164 will go down on August 31st at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.