When you’ve fought in well over 100 professional bouts and have been training and fighting since the mid 90’s, you’re going to know more than a few things about mixed-martial-arts. This is why dozens of fighters have enlisted the help of veteran Jeremy Horn over the years, and why the 37 year-old veteran has recorded 89 pro wins to date. No, that’s not a typo.

In a recent interview with  The Underground’s Jack Brown, the man known as “Gumby” was asked for his opinion, on how fighters have evolved over the last twenty years or so.

 The sport today is quite a ways from where it was.  The athletes are way better, but, honestly, I think the technique has gone downhill for the most part.  There are, of course, exceptions, but for the most part, I think what we have today coming up are fighters who are well-conditioned, aggressive, and want to “bang.”  I hate that term.   To me that sounds like, “I want to close my eyes and swing as hard as I can, and if he grabs me I’m going to hold on and wait for a standup.”  I love seeing guys who are skilled in whatever area they chose, but you have to go out there to finish fights.  If you want to stand, fine, move forward and throw strikes.  And when you get him hurt, go for it.  You can’t fight backing up all the time.  If you want to grapple, fine, move forward and take him down, pass his guard, and submit him.  I don’t like seeing guys take someone down and then not try to pass or guys who say they want to stand but clearly have little to no footwork or defense.

It’s an interesting perspective to hear, as there’s no question fighters today are much better conditioned, and more athletically gifted people are getting involved in MMA today, than say two decades ago. As far as their technique, however, there’s probably a few instructors and fighters who would take issue with Horn’s comments.

Horn, who hasn’t fought now since 2011, also noted in the interview that he hopes to fight again. It will be good to see the UFC vet compete again.