Out of the eight prelim match-ups scheduled under the main card of UFC on FOX 8 in Seattle, I’m going to give an in-depth look at the one fight that I feel deserves the most attention – and that’s Mac Danzig vs. Melvin Guillard. Surprisingly enough, this fight isn’t even “headlining” the prelims as that spot was taken by Michael Chiesa and Jorge Masvidal, but out of the rest of the match-ups on the prelims, this fight definitely contains the most star power.

Both Danzig and Guillard have been under UFC contract for the majority of their fighting careers; Danzig being under the UFC since 2007 and Guillard since 2005 (With a one-fight break outside of the UFC during 2008). So where are these veterans now? They’re not doing so hot! Guillard is on a 2-fight skid while Danzig has been trading off on wins and losses, not seeing a single win streak since 2008 when he managed to stack two wins together – it’s possible that both of these guys are on the falling edge of their primes. With a lot of fight-miles in possession of both fighters, even the age of 30 can seem “old” in the case of Guillard, or even 33 for Danzig’s matter.

In this battle of experienced lightweights, there is the usual contrast of styles typically found in any fight that Guillard is in. Most lightweights, or fighters in general for that matter, possess the athletic explosiveness contained in the dynamic frame of Guillard. Being labeled as one of the biggest cases of “wasted potential”, Guillard definitely hasn’t had the success that one would think after watching a Guillard highlight reel. One could affiliate that to a poor mentality, or poor training early on in his career – excuses aside, Guillard could be on his last stretch in the UFC.

It’s been a very rough journey for Danzig, who hasn’t received the same amount of expectations as Guillard, but has rather spent his career trying to stay employed with the UFC by staying atop of his game. After upsetting Joe Stevenson in late-2010, Danzig instantly became a highly touted contender. But with that momentum broken in a decision loss to Matt Wiman in the next bout, Danzig again found himself battling prelim-level competition. It’s been awhile since Danzig has been touted as an elite-fighter, but with his experience, it’s not too unrealistic.

With both Danzig and Guillard being in similar positions in their career, I’m fully expecting both fighters to come in at their best. Danzig and Guillard both carry a fair amount of name-power, courtesy of their large amount of time spent under the UFC banner, so a win over one another could actually do a lot to kick-start their career.

Regardless of who wins this contest, look for it to be an exciting bout. Guillard’s explosiveness is usually a cure for any thoughts of stalling that may come into his opponents’ game plan. And with Danzig becoming more and more comfortable on his feet, I wouldn’t be shocked if he tries to enforce his powerful counter-striking on Guillard’s slick-but-powerful boxing style. Out of the eight prelims, I’m confident that this bout is going to steal the show. It’s not often anymore that we get two exciting veterans that have been in the UFC since its uprising (around 2005) square off against each other.