Nick Diaz is an enigma.

Everyone in MMA knows it, and seems to either embrace what he is – or despise him for it.

Regardless, the former Strikeforce welterweight champion is a known commodity, so it is no surprise that Michael Schiavello wanted to get him on an episode of the AXS TV program “The Voice Vs.”

Plans were in place for Diaz to come in for a taping, but the currently-retired UFC fighter failed to show up. Schiavello, who has interviewed a number of well-known MMA personalities and Hollywood figures, made sure to let everyone know via Twitter what happened.

“(Diaz) has no showed The Voice Versus,” the veteran announcer posted on Twitter. “Nick you have let your fans down again…And me a big fan in particular. Unprofessional mate.”

Several recent reports have Diaz wanting to return to action. UFC president Dana White, though, has declined that a fight has been placed on the table for the former one-time contender.