Hey, all of you out there who are overly-concerned with low numbers for UFC on FOX 8…….CALM DOWN!

I type that in all caps because all I have been reading is how the “UFC is in such a decline.” “Too many card, not enough good fighters.” “The UFC can’t compete with soccer.”

Really people?

Is it a concern that more people tuned in to watch a U.S. soccer match than a UFC card on FOX? No, not at all. Soccer is one sport that actually is growing faster than MMA over the past decade, so of course more people would tune in.

You also have to remember when this card aired.


There is a reason most major networks do not start their shows until fall, as people are outside or on vacation or just not sitting around the TV in the summer months.

It’s a simple fact.

Is the UFC giving us, MMA fans, too much? Please, if they were to stop showing so many cards on FOX, FX and FUEL TV, people would start bitching and complaining to the end of time.

Demetrious Johnson is one of the most talented fighters in all the sport, regardless of whether he weighs 125 pounds or 225 pounds; the kid can flat out bring it, and does each and every time he steps foot inside the cage.

You will never see “Mighty Mouse” pull an Anderson Silva and either refuse to engage – like vs. Demian Maia several years ago – or compete with his hands down and get knocked down – like vs. Chris Weidman more recently.

The UFC gave us a channel-turner in Rory MacDonald vs. Jake Ellenberger, yes, but they couldn’t have known that. It happens.

Fights are boring all the time and there is just nothing anybody can do about that.

So, put away your soapbox, silence your fingers on Twitter and other social media sites, and just enjoy the UFC for what it is – entertainment.