The fine folks over at WrestleNewz recently put together an article entitled Wrestling vs. MMA that you should all give a quick read to.

It is interesting because that line between MMA and pro wrestling seems to be blurring closer and closer with each passing day.

Recently, Bellator MMA announced the decision to pair Quinton “Rampage” Jackson with Tito Ortiz in the main event of their first-ever PPV. And, they didn’t just bring out Ortiz for a typical contract signing.

The lights dimmed, Eminem started playing and out walked Ortiz with a flag and reciting the words to the song. He made a circle around the cage and proceeded to have an intense staredown with Jackson.

If you had just tuned in, you might have thought you stumbled upon TNA Impact Wrestling, which airs on the same Spike TV channel as Bellator.

The UFC was placed in self-defense mode when Chris Weidman knocked out Anderson Silva, prompting calls of “fight-fixing” around social media sites everywhere.

Add in the use of The Ultimate Fighter as a way to bring in new viewers, and it is no wonder that some people out there often-times confuse MMA with pro wrestling.