It seems that no matter the scheduled opponent, Georges St-Pierre is always being asked about something else.

Prior to his fight with Carlos Condit, the UFC welterweight champion was asked about his return from knee surgery. Or Nick Diaz. Or Anderson Silva.

Now, as he prepares to meet Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in November, GSP is being asked about Rory MacDonald. Or a possible weight change.

“I don’t see further than (Hendricks right now),” said St-Pierre, during the UFC World Tour. “I am going to have my hands full with Johny Hendricks and am thinking about that right now.”

GSP did re-confirm that he will not fight MacDonald, a teammate of his at Tristar Gym, saying, “(one of us is) either going up or going down.”

MacDonald has said the same, so you would think that would be that. But, I GSP was again asked about a potential super-fight later in the conference, with UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson being brought up.

For St-Pierre, another day just means another question – and not one concerning his scheduled opponent.