Currently, female fighters have just one outlet to compete inside the UFC – at bantamweight.

UFC president Dana White, a former critic of women’s MMA, saw the light in Ronda Rousey and decided to bring 135-pound fighters to the Octagon.

Now, just months into the arrival of women in the promotion, White is constantly asked when they will add other weight classes.

“We are not doing that right now,” he said, during the UFC World Tour recently. “We are focusing on the 135-pound division. For many women, they are still having their first fight in the division.

“Once we feel good with this, feel comfortable, then maybe we’ll open another division.”

Cris Cyborg, who stated she could not move down to 135 pounds from 145, declined a spot in the UFC, according to White. And, the UFC boss didn’t let some fans in the crowd get to him in regards to the Cyborg question.

“Cyborg had her opportunity,” he said. “Her manager thought it was a bad idea.”

When fans starting booing, White replied, “Boo….yeah, boo you.”