Georges St-Pierre and Ronda Rousey shared a moment during the UFC’s recent World Tour, as the two hugged out their differences.

St-Pierre, who has spoken out against females competing in MMA in the past, made it known that he is now a fan of Rousey’s, the current UFC bantamweight champion.

“Back in the day, I wasn’t a fan of women’s MMA and I saw the (Cris) Cyborg brutalizing another woman,” GSP said. “I felt back for the woman getting beat.”

The UFC welterweight champion went on to say, “I saw the fight of Ronda, the last fight and the armbar, and I think she stands out from the other (female fighters). I’m not against women fighting; I just didn’t really pay attention to it before.”

While GSP admitted that he doesn’t “watch fights all the time” in his free time, he does have some of his own personal favorites.

“If it’s not a friend or a guy I like to watch, I don’t watch,” he concluded. “I’m more of a nerd. That’s my lifestyle.”

St-Pierre will return to action later this year at UFC 167 when he faces Johny Hendricks.