Bellator MMA needed to market a wider spectrum when they made the decision to branch into the world of pay-per-view.

The decision to pair former UFC champions Tito Ortiz and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson together in the first main event on PPV in November was hit with a lot of criticism by fans around the world.

But, as long as they put several of the younger stars on the same PPV, Bellator will have done the right thing.



Despite current stars like Ben Askren, Michael Chandler and Pat Curran being at the forefront of the push by Bellator to gain part of the spotlight, they do not carry the same level with casual fans as that of an Ortiz or Rampage.

Sure, Ortiz and Jackson are well past their primes, but they can help provide a more stable base to build the continuing evolution of the promotion around.

MMA websites, and even those that don’t always cover the latest news, have been following the media tour provided by Ortiz and Jackson since the announcement. Plus, the word “Bellator” seems to be talked about quite a bit more in social media circles.

So, score one for Bellator…..because even if Ortiz-Jackson falters inside the cage, they will have done enough to force people into paying attention to them.