One of the highlights at WSOF 4 was the lightweight tilt between Nick Newell and Keon Caldwell, which although brief, was filled with several thrilling exchanges. After two minutes of action, Newell caught Caldwell with guillotine choke to make his promotional debut a successful one.

After the fight, Newell provided this breakdown of his performance, which secured him his 10th straight win and a spot in the promotion’s upcoming lightweight tourney (comments via MMA

“I saw a lot of things I really need to work on,” Newell said. “Not everything out there went the way I wanted it to. I’m probably going to take a week off, then I’m going to get cracking right away.”

“I think I showed people that my striking game was legit. And I’m a lot faster than people give me credit for. I fought a very good guy, he was 9-1, he had a great record. You know, I’m happy now, I’m ready to celebrate with my family and my team.”

The bout marked the first time Newell had competed since last December, when he submitted Eric Reynolds under the XFC banner. Depending on when the WSOF looks to get Newell back in there, 2013 could be shaping up to be a pretty big year for the 27 year-old.

“I train so hard, when I go out there it means absolutely everything to me,” Newell said. “I leave my heart and soul in the cage. I don’t want to work a normal job, I want to be a fighter.”

The promotion’s next event is scheduled for September 14th in Atlantic City. Stay tuned to MMA for all your WSOF and MMA news.