This Saturday, UFC Fight Night 26 hits Boston with an epic card to debut on Fox’s new sports channel titled FOX Sports 1. Atop of the card is a legendary showdown between the one and only “West Lynn Gangster”, Chael Sonnen, and dangerous Brazilian icon Mauricio Shogun Rua. This card is stacked from top to bottom with amazing match-ups, and a few of them look to be fairly profitable. I’ll be honest, this isn’t the greatest card for betting, but let’s go through the odds and a few match-ups I think wouldn’t be half bad to lay some money down on.

Betting Odds: (From Fantasy MMA Betting Website

Chael Sonnen -110

Mauricio Rua -125


Travis Browne +205

Alistair Overeem -230


Yuri Alcantara +560

Urijah Faber -620


Matt Brown -100

Mike Pyle -125


John Howard +340

Uriah Hall -400


Michael Johnson +760

Joe Lauzon -800


Brad Pickett +245

Michael McDonald -265


Max Holloway +340

Conor McGregor -360


Steven Siler +170

Mike Brown -200


Daniel Pineda +560

Diego Brandao -600


Manvel Gamburyan +100

Cole Miller -105


Cody Donovan +680

Ovince St. Preux -720


James Vick +195

Ramsey Nijem -230


Smart Bets: 

John Howard over Uriah Hall at +340

Even though Uriah Hall has practically been turned into the poster boy for The Ultimate Fighter with his flashy fighting style and highlight reel finishes, he is still a fight who has to strap up, get in the cage, and fight the man opposite of him. With only 10 professional fights in his resume, Uriah Hall is still very inexperienced, especially compared to his opponent John Howard. Howard, a fighter with 28 professional bouts, is a very experienced veteran who has faced top level competition before and wont be phased coming in against a distracting striker like Hall. This should be a real check to see where Hall is realistically to other veterans in his weight class. This fight is going to come down to whether or not the hype is true, and whether or not Hall can rise to the occasion and protect the validity of his name.

Matt Brown over Mike Pyle at -100

According to the odds, this fight is really a toss up, however I choose to believe otherwise. Both of these guys are known for their gritty fighting styles and determination to keep pushing forward and not quit. While both fighters are very experienced veterans, Brown is a whole other type of animal when you start to break these guys down. Brown is a dangerous striker who doesn’t stop pushing forward, and can use a variety of techniques such as knees and elbows to punish his opponent and break them down. While Pyle has shown lots of improved stand-up, he’s going to be a sitting duck on the feet and in the clinch against a much bigger and stronger guy in Brown. If you bet on Pyle, you’re betting that Pyle will be able to survive Brown’s onslaught on the feet, get this fight to the ground, and then wrap up a submission for the finish. I just don’t see that happening to a guy like Brown who is way more dangerous and makes his opponents pay in every given scenario.

Yuri Alcantara over Urijah Faber at +560

If you’re looking for a solid underdog, Yuri Alcantara is your man. At +560 it’s hard not take a risk and put at least something down on Alcantara, especially considering this young up and comer is 3-1-1 in the UFC and looks to have a very bright future. While Faber may have the advantage in experience and name power, I see this fight being fairly evenly matched. Alcantara is a fast striker who hits hard and is always exciting; he’s a true fighter who isn’t going to play cautious one bit. Fortunately his opponent, Urijah, is very much the same. Faber is an entertainer who wants to put on a good show for the fans which is why he resorts to a ferocious pace and is always willing to take risks. Alcantar and Faber have their own advantages and disadvantages over each other, but when it comes down to it Yuri has way more of a chance in this fight than +560.

Caution Pick: 

Steven Siler over Mike Brown at +170 

When you look at Siler’s odds against Mike Brown, you may think that this could be a fairly good deal. Brown is coming into this fight after a year-long lay off, and hasn’t really made much of an impression on the featherweight division in a long while. However, Mike Brown is still the same fight that smashed Urijah Faber to steal the belt back in WEC. His opponent, Steven Siler, is 4-1 in the UFC and seems like a kid who has some talent. However, Mike Brown is another kind of animal and seeing as how he’s coming in after a long layoff, expect Brown to use his wrestling to cruise to an easy decision here. Siler offers nothing on the feet and he won’t be able to out-grapple Brown, so don’t waste your money on Siler.