Daniel Cormier has his entire focused center on Roy Nelson.

The two will meet in October at UFC 166, and the former Olympian doesn’t want to discuss anybody but “Big Country” until that time.

“I’m not going to discuss Jon Jones anymore,” said Cormier, on a recent episode of UFC Tonight. “I’ve got a tough guy in front of me right now.”

Cormier is planning on moving down to light heavyweight, and is starting up a challenge to get healthier with MMA fans.

“A lot of fans have asked me to go down to 205. So now I’m going to put it on them to do it with me,” he said. “I’ve got a website you can follow with me as I go down. It’s www.getfitwithdc.com and I can watch their progress as we do it together.”

As for his scheduled opponent, Cormier knows he has a tough fighter on his docket.

“Roy is the most dangerous guy I’ve ever fought. I’ve fought tough guys, Frank Mir and Josh Barnett. But they didn’t possess that one-punch knockout power. Roy gets his hands on you and he can knock it out,” he said. “My preparation will be so thorough, and I’m not going to allow for him to have that opportunity in the fight. Come fight night, I’ll leave it in my preparation. He’s dangerous but I’m going to control where this fight goes.”