Chael Sonnen continually stays active between training for fights and his roles as an analyst with the UFC and FOX Sports.

However, when Sonnen isn’t currently signed to fight, he makes sure to follow the careers of Vitor Belfort and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

Don’t understand what I mean? Well, let Mr. Chael P. Sonnen explain for you:

“Every time Little Nog or Vitor Belfort sign a contract, I go into training camp because I know when the opportunity (to fight again) is going to open up. That is the reality of the situation.”

Sonnen, who faces Mauricio “Shogun” Rua tonight in the main event of UFC Fight Night 26, has constantly been after Nogueira, Belfort, Anderson Silva and Wanderlei Silva. He has been more respectful of Rua in the lead-up to their bout.

Rua and Nogueira were originally set to fight earlier this year. Sonnen agreed to step in for the injured Nogueira, but was unable to obtain his visa in time for the fight to continue.

“He comes out two days ago and says he wants to fight Shogun,” Sonnen said of Nogueira. “You gave your word to the fans (previously). This guys called in sick three weeks in advance; from a time you sign a contract, you show up.”