Cole Miller may have dropped a tightly contested unanimous decision to Manny Gamburyan at UFC Fight Night 26, but due to a bizzare ending to the fight’s opening round, the veteran says he’s launching an appeal.

Gamburyan was working on a takedown attempt as round one was nearing it’s end, and after Miller landed a couple of hard elbows to the featherweight’s head, the bell sounded. Gamburyan, however, appeared to be stunned as he grabbed the back of his head and didn’t move for several moments. Although Miller was never warned or informed that he had committed any foul, Gamburyan was examined by ringside doctors for more than the standard 60 seconds (which fighters are given between rounds).

Here is some of what Miller had this to say about the incident to MMA, which reports that more than two minutes elapsed between the first and second round:

“If I wasn’t penalized, then why does [Gamburyan] get a break?” Miller said.

“If it would have been an illegal elbow and the fight was stopped, you wouldn’t see me trying to bitch about it and overturn it,” Miller said. “These are the rules. I soccer kick Manny in the head, ‘OK, you’re DQ’d.’ That would have been a violation of the rules. This was just a violation of the rules by the way the situation was handled.”

Miller and his representatives are expected to plead his case to the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission on September 12th. As it stands now, Miller has gone 1-3 since moving down from lightweight to featherweight, while Gamburyan is now 2-3 in his last five bouts.

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